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Acumen - The Story
With an experience as rich and diverse as we have accumulated over the last three decades, Acumen is one of few recruitment agencies in the UK that not just offers the best professional hiring services but has also been setting new standards in recruitment and hiring. It all started with a team of passionate recruiters who came together to establish a unique platform for staffing and training. The idea was to set in place processes that would ensure that each client requirement is fulfilled in the best time without compromising on skillset match and cultural compatibility. Over the years, Acumen has developed not just the largest resource bank of highly qualified talent in the UK, but has developed an extensive network of consultants specialized in sourcing niche skill sets.

We take our ‘People Policies’ Very Seriously

Our Values

Enable Growth

We create opportunities for people and businesses to reach their full potential.

Source Excellence

We pride ourselves in our ability to recognize talent and opportunities for success.

Uphold Integrity

We put in place transparent hiring approaches and partner with businesses with ethics.

Nurture Safety

We strive to ensure that our recruits and staffers get a safe environment to work

Include Diversity

We believe in equal opportunities at work irrespective of gender, sex, race or financial background.

Protect Humanity

We aim to establish more emotionally broad HR policies at all workplaces

Stewart MacKenzie

Managing Director, Co-Founder

As a Recruitment Consultant with experience spanning 25 years and who has worked extensively with some of the largest healthcare recruitment organisations in the UK, Stewart co-founded Acumen Digital Staffer with an aim to make recruitment processes less cumbersome and laborious for both candidates and for employers.

Having invested considerable time and energy into the research of effective staffing processes that give measurable results, Stewart has now established methods for cost-effective resourcing, shorter interview cycle and error-free on-boarding – factors that lead to improved recruitment experience for both candidates and employers.

As an ex-soldier, Stewart approaches situations with a clear, logical and practical mind with a drive to see things through to completion to the highest standard.

Shaji Anandan

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Shaji is a collaborative and energetic leader and a serial entrepreneur with an accomplished track record of marketing and sales initiatives that consistently achieve client satisfaction while maintaining brand integrity. His natural flair to translate product vision effortlessly and to connect with diverse audiences while understanding the pulse of the market, has greatly helped position Acumen Digital Staffer as one of the most authentically smarter recruitment platform in the UK.

With 25+ years of experience in business management and leadership journey, Shaji is a true believer in social entrepreneurship and community support initiatives. Many of his ventures are therefore committed to serving the greater good and helping people bring about positive changes in their lives.

Our Mission

Our Primary Mission is to transform the Recruitment Experience to feel more flexible and comprehensive.

We also strive to help recruits better adjust to and accept new job roles, work culture and philosophies.
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