Acumen Staffers - An Insight

If the last 30 years in the recruitment industry has taught us anything, it would have to be that acquiring the right talent can be very expensive and might not always be the right business decision. Sometimes, it makes more sense to contract staff for your open roles until the business figures out a bigger scope for the job role. At Acumen we have developed a very transparent and yet efficient staffing system where companies, big or small, can get the right talent to fill their temporary or permanent vacancies without increasing the business costs.

How can Acumen Staffers Help your Business?


We will help you fill your short term roles with maximum flexibility.


Training and upskilling support so candidates meet company expectations.


Support in initial shortlisting of suitable candidates for the role.


Expertise in offering staffing solutions across many industries.

Prepare Yourself for Rapid Growth

If you are looking to get ahead in your career, and fast, sign up for contracting jobs with Acumen Staffers. Contracting can offer you the benefit of learning from a diverse range of work environments thus equipping you with necessary life/people skills needed to move up the ladder.

Here are some benefits of Contracting Jobs with Us:
  • Flexibility to choose assignments as and when the time suits you
  • Try different roles and industry without committing to it permanently
  • Acquiring diverse skill sets let you command better pay
  • With each contract job role, you upskill faster
  • Ability to adapt to new work environments improve
  • You experience different company cultures and decide the one that is best for you