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As opportunities for healthcare professionals continue to rise in the post-covid world, there is no shortage of healthcare recruitment agencies and nursing agencies in the UK that are willing to join forces with your team and help you shortlist the ideal candidate. In such a scenario, being able to identify some of the best healthcare recruitment agencies in the UK can become quite challenging. Here we have put together a few pointers to look out for that can help you differentiate top-quality healthcare recruitment agencies like Acumen from the under-experienced and incompetent sourcing agencies.

Relevant Experience: Our team at Acumen has amassed a wealth of experience recruiting and staffing for a wide range of medical roles. Close to 3 decades of experience in healthcare recruiting has given us a unique edge and insight into the best practices in medical staffing. Today we find many nursing agencies in the UK that pass off their cumulative experience in hiring for non-medical roles as their relevant healthcare recruitment experience, and eventually, end up failing to deliver quality hires. As a hospital, clinic, or care home, it is important that you partner with a recruiting agency that understands your medical vacancies and is able to map skills accordingly to ensure a near-perfect hire.

International Hiring Approach: The medical industry has seen some of the largest numbers in overseas hiring, especially in the last couple of decades. This has given rise to many healthcare recruitment agencies in the UK that operate from across the globe. In such a scenario, it becomes important to understand just how well your recruitment partner understands the local nuances associated with your job role, and how aware they are of the differences in healthcare systems in the international market. As one of the most trusted healthcare recruitment agencies in the UK, our team at Acumen Staffing can offer great insights into the latest trends in the medical recruitment market and even support you in designing compensation plans based on talent availability and job-to-candidate ratio.

Reliable and Supportive: There is nothing more frustrating than having to wait too long for the right employee or candidate who can assist you in your growth plans. At Acumen, we understand the importance of hiring on time, and so all our sourcing plans and recruitment techniques are designed to deliver you the right hires in the best Turn-Around-Time. An unfilled position in the healthcare industry can pose more challenges than any other and we understand that the journey from developing the job description to onboarding the candidate can be quite long, tedious, and confusing. That is why we offer a friendly, personal service, with quick responses to emails and phone calls and regular updates on the hiring front. As one of the most preferred healthcare recruitment agencies in the UK, we offer all our clients the best recruitment partner experience there is.