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Back at the beginning of 2020, most of us welcomed Working From Home with sweet relief and a pinch of nervous excitement. But soon as it unraveled to all that remote working was not just a temporary thing and that it was here to stay for quite a while, this break-from-the-ordinary did not seem so sweet after all. With completely botched up work-life balance and unappreciated overtimes coupled with the frustration of not enjoying the great outdoors like the old days, working-from-home soon became a dreaded thing on its own. Surveys and reports released by recruitment and HR agencies across the UK reveal that mental health issues have spiked at an alarming rate since the pandemic and working-from-home was cited as one of the leading causes for this surge.

While most of us have listened to the psychologists and internet doctors pouring in with countless relaxation and distraction techniques, some have invented their own unique ways to keep their spirits high. Here we have combed out some of the not-so-common methods to beat the WFH Blues that are sure to put your over-worked brain at ease and also lift your spirits while having fun!

Laugh Out Loud: So Laughing your Heart out is (to nobody’s surprise) one of the most effective and fun ways to bust your depression out of the window. Studies point out that people who laughed a lot (in a normal way) and managed to tickle some laughter out of others flaunt much better mental health scores.

Jumping on the Bed: Apparently, the old nursery rhyme holds good only for kids and not for their parents struggling to cope with work pressures. Jumping on the bed (and occasionally falling off one) is one of the best ways to connect with our inner child and keep ourselves amused and entertained.

Run a Bubble Bath: Indulge in some self-love and body cleaning at the same time and run yourself a hotel-like bath. If you don’t own a bathtub, use your friend’s or simply give yourself an oil massage before a steaming hot shower. The point is: pamper yourself with some squeaky-clean love occasionally.

Singing/Dancing (like no one is watching): Maybe you’re just a bathroom singer or you sway those hips only in front of your own reflection, but turns out that taking a 15-minute break between virtual meetings and doing just that might actually save you trips to the shrink.

Making Gifts for Friends: There’s no time like the present to make a present for your loved ones and show them just how much you are grateful to them (and also how boring your meetings can be.) Not only will you feel good about yourself you will also make others feel loved and appreciated during these very depressing times.

Kitchen Cleaning: This is one activity that can be surprisingly fun (and we don’t mean this is in the OCD kind of way) and satisfying. Unlike cleaning other parts of your house, kitchen cleaning comes with a bonus – hidden treats!