These days, finding the right candidates for your open positions can be quite difficult, especially if you are in the healthcare industry in the UK. As a Hiring Manager or HR person, sifting through hundreds of irrelevant job applications to fish out that handful of qualified profiles only to find out later that they are no longer available, or don’t meet the training requirements can be very disappointing, not to mention discouraging. If this is your story, then it is definitely time for you to onboard a Healthcare Recruitment Agency in the UK.

Many HR managers might argue that Healthcare Recruitment Agencies in the UK can be very expensive. But data shows that the operational cost the business would have to incur for either leaving a position vacant for way too long, or for wrongly hiring for the job, can be much more than the one-time payment that goes in favour of the recruitment agency. This still remains a very popular topic for debate and probably one which can only be resolved over time as more businesses realize the importance of healthcare recruitment agencies in the UK.

For now, let’s look at some of the advantages of partnering your institution with the best Healthcare Recruitment agency in the UK.

Fill Positions Quickly: Most healthcare recruitment agencies in the UK already have access to a large pool of talented professionals and so would take very little time to find the right candidates that meet all your requirements. Additionally, the best recruitment agencies generally have a large network of consultants who are skilled to quickly source the right candidates in case yours is a niche requirement. When you leverage these, you are looking at a much shorter recruitment cycle.

Select from the Best: Partnering with a recruitment agency improves your chances of accessing the best talent available in the market. This is especially true in cases of specialized staffing agencies like Acumen who not only onboard qualified and smart candidates but also invest in upskilling them and making them job-ready by ensuring they complete all the relevant technical and compliance training.

Leverage Trade Secrets: As leaders and experts in their industry, healthcare recruiters usually possess a trade secret or two, usually technical, that helps them track down the right candidates effectively and on time. This kind of knowledge might not be well-known among your in-house recruiters and they would not have exposure to the ways recruitment businesses work. By leveraging on this knowledge you can get all your recruitment needs to be met without experimenting with different interview approaches onboarding policies or candidate selection criteria.

Cultural Fit: Gone are the days when Recruitment agencies couldn’t understand the cultural requirements of a job and when third-party hired staffers found it difficult to get along with the new work culture and environment. Today’s recruitment agencies have adapted to understand the cultural requirements of each job role. Agencies like Acumen have spent years into the research and development of tools that help them assess the cultural touchpoints of their clients so that they can find resources that meet those requirements.

All-in-all, if you are looking at filling those open roles for hospitals or other healthcare facilities in the UK, give the healthcare recruitment agencies in the UK a try. After all, good talent is an asset worth investing in and not one you want to take a chance with.